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Take A Chance now available for download in FLAC format

Very happy that now has Take A Chance downloads(and their full catalog) in FLAC and MP3-320 format. FLAC is lossless and sounds as good as the CD, way better than regular MP3 files and can be played on Mac or Windows

Interview on

Very cool! Thanks to Michalis Liminios and for interviewing me. Blues.Gr covers the blues scene in Greece as well as reporting on Blues artists and news worldwide. Michale asked some great questions about the nature of the Blues, my music and my relationship with the Blues, not just "what kind of cable do you use?" or "Who makes the best Tube screamer?" My answers? .. you can judge that...check it out and check the rest of the site out.first rate!

April is Parkinson's Awareness Month

April is Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month. Parkinson's Disease is a degenerative neurological disorder which, at present, cannot be reversed or stopped. In recent years, research has created improved treatment and is getting closer to a cure every day. The Michael J. Fox Foundation has done a great job in raising awareness, funding research and providing resources to support PD patients and researchers. My father died of complications related to PD, so for me, this personal.

I Used To Be Somebody(Lighthouse On The Rocks)

A song that's been kicking around for a while..Not very commercial, but a good tune with a good message. Still haven't recorded the definitive version, but this one gets the point across..Made it sepia because it has that "old" vibe..Enjoy!


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