Well, here we are . . .

The first song, Heart Attack, was written after a chance meeting with Jimmy Vaughn on Sunset Blvd. in front of the House Of Blues and is about two friends of mine. They're separated now, but it's a good story and that'll be another song..

Bedtime Story is a country ballad with a twist at the end. It gave me a chance to play pedal steel, and it sets the mood for a different kind of love story.

Touch Of The Blues is a slow blues, a form I love to play. Since I live in an apt. over a garage,usually most of my electric guitar parts are direct, except here. A lot of fun to do with nods to Guitar Slim, Peter Green, Freddy King and others..Les Paul time.

Crying Time is semi autobiographical. It sounds pretty full for 2 guitars( My sunburst Santa Cruz VS and bottleneck on my blue strat).. This one is fun on the gig too, whether as a solo or with a band where we can stretch it out!

Another Day is loosely based on the suicide of a friend in late 2007 who was an 'Early Economic Indicator' of the current recession. He had a pet bird, I used creative license and switched it to a dog. I cut the Pedal Steel right after I got my Mullen Pedal Steel. SW, this is for you.

I originally recorded Waiting For You on Dobro with a mandoguitar and guitar while waiting to get my Weissenborn-style Hollowneck guitar. That recording was good, but I really like the starkness of this solo version on the hollowneck. A live recording.

The Way That It Goes harkens back to before blues came to mean 'I-IV-V', the line between jazz, blues and popular music were not so distinctly drawn. In those days, Hawaiian guitarists played jazz and country singers like Jimmie Rodgers played blues with them. More of the Lazy River hollowneck..

It's all about grace for me and I try to stay in gratitude . This song is about that. Played on my Santa Cruz OM (even the 'Dobro' part). Sums up how I feel about things and a good way to finish the CD.

Tiny Hands Video