August 1-checkin' in

Joe playing #1

Had a great time at the Pig ' n Whistle last night. We got a late start, so I didn't do an acoustic set. Instead I wound up sitting in w/ George Foster Willie Andrescu and Pierre for their set. Big fun, wound up playing slide on a number of tunes, which went over well. George and the guys hit it hard, which forced me to step out a little more than I usually do. George is a great player and always is fun to play with , though some time I just want to sit back and listen.. Afterwards the jammers came up. A wide range of styles and everyone who played was on top form. Highlight of the night was a gent from Melbourne who tore it up jamming with George.

I 'm really grateful for the response to Featherbed Lane and the kind words from everyone about the song. It was a lot of fun recording it and rockin' out on Pedal Steel and electric guitar. the response has also pushed me up the "charts" there, which gets more visibility. New tunes seem to be doing well that way Featherbed is also featured on Last I checked, One Of these Days is still doing pretty well at Neil Young's Living With War Music Page. After seeing the site, I submitted the song there on a whim. Ranking there is based on listener plays, so ranking 85 out of 3560 songs after 3 or 4 weeks is gratifying.

I'll be doing a couple of tunes at Sabor Y Cultura Saturday, hoping that we get a good crownd , not so much for me but as a sendoff to Chris 'Cisco' Dickerson, who recently passed away.Life is short.


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